ABSS Click to Pay

ABSS Click to Pay

In 2017, ABSS Click to Pay is one of the new feature launched in the MYOB Accounting Software so as to provide enhancement to end users and to maintain competitiveness in the market. This is in response to the ever changing accounting software industry and to thrive in the digital industry.

ABSS Click to Pay is a feature whereby a paying customer who receives an invoice generated from an invoice issuer is able to click on the invoice which states ‘click to pay’ on the top right corner. This will lead the paying customer to a hosted payment page by mint payments to make payments for the particular invoice.

The payee will be able to choose the payment method option of either credit card or direct debit, the payee upon submitting the payment after entering credit card details or authorizing the direct debit, will then receive a payment acknowledgement receipt automatically as record of payment received by the receiving party.

The MYOB click to pay which is incorporated into the MYOB Premier version 19 and MYOB Accounting version 24 , with free setup is accompanied with the following benefits:

  1. Your company will be able to get paid faster as customers are able to make payment immediately with credit card or direct debit, there is no need to wait for signatures and snail mail to deliver the cheques.
  2. The ABSS Click to pay allows direct integration with the MYOB Accounting Software, there is no need to re-enter details such as customer data, payment date or amount.
  3.  The ABSS Click to pay is a paperless feature, therefore it saves administration time of printing an invoice and mailing it to the customer.

If your company is using MYOB software which is an old version you may want to consider upgrading your system here.

To keep abreast with the latest technology and updates, we regularly update our MYOB Tutorial syllabus to take into account the latest updates or features being launched in the latest MYOB Version, this is to continuously add value to our services thus ensuring that the knowledge you acquire in our tutorial course would be valuable and enriching to you.

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