MYOB Software Singapore Services

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MYOB Software Singapore Services (now known as ABSS Software Singapore Services) manages the full scope of the provision of MYOB Software services in Singapore, thus ensuring your company is able to engage a one stop MYOB solutions provider for your software needs.

Our consultants are kept up to date with the latest changes in technology and software developments so we can better advice you and guide you along the way, slowly and steadily.

The software support areas can be classified into 5 main areas, namely MYOB Software, tutorial courses, additional user licences, product upgrades, technical support and add on solutions.

Mind you own business smarter in Singapore when you engage us to implement one of the most popular and simple accounting software for your business operations.

MYOB Software

MYOB Accounting Software country specific versions for SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, HONG KONG are now available!

We provide provide professional installation and commissioning for the below software to company’s and individuals at competitive rates with FREE installation and delivery.

  • MYOB Business Basics
  • MYOB Accounting
  • MYOB Premier
  • MYOB Premier Plus
  • MYOB Payroll

Our updated MYOB software pricing can be found here.

Tutorial Courses

We provide MYOB Tutorial courses for the above MYOB software. The training will be conducted by a qualified consultant. More details can be found under our MYOB Tutorial section. It includes FREE 30 Day after training support by our technical consultants.

Additional user licences

Additional user licences are available when a company decides to give access to an additional user to access their company profile in MYOB, this also allows all users to access the MYOB software data simultaneously, thus improving productivity.

The additional user licences are available for MYOB Premier software and MYOB Premier Plus and can be added on in multiples of two.

Product Upgrades

Product Upgrades can be classified into version upgrades and family upgrades and relate to the 5 products mentioned above. Family upgrades relate to upgrading the MYOB software from a basic software such as MYOB Accounting to an MYOB Premier or MYOB Premier Plus.

Software Version upgrades relate to be able to upgrade your software of the same product type to a higher version with greater compliance capability and advanced functionality. For example MYOB premier version 12 to a version 19.

Technical Support

Our renowned myob software technical support relates to any form of professional assistance rendered in the form of on-site, telephone or remote support required to clarify doubts or resolve functionality issues with the MYOB software. The problems can come in the form of and are not limited to the below:

  • Software patches to resolve file confirmation issues
  • Software data corruption
  • Report reconciliation assistance
  • Advice on software functionality
  • Any other assistance required on the software.

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Add On Solutions

Premium Server Solutions:

To complement your multiple user licences, our premium server solutions will ensure optimum performance of your MYOB multiple user licence. More details can be found when you click on the link here.

Ezycollect Debt Magement Solution:

Ezycollect is an MYOB autopilot accounts receivable add on that can be integrated with MYOB Software to manage overdue debtors and improve your business cash flow. Free usage of Ezycollect for all MYOB users for your company for 6 Months.

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