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ABSS Premier 30

ABSS Accounting 30

Below are some of the benefits and updates of the above latest versions:

  1. ABSS PREMIER 30 and ABSS ACCOUNTING 30 are certified to be windows 10 compatible
  2. Old versions below version 20 for ABSS Premier and version 25 for ABSS Accounting fall under the sunset policy and no longer supported in singapore.
  3. New GST Tax Types for Import Services and Reverse charge
  4. GST F5 Report latest update to take into account the above point 3
  5. Capability to send and receive E- Invoices via PEPPOL
  6. Compatibility to Office 365 which allows ABSS to export reports to excel xlsx file.
  7. DBS Bank feeds.

And many more feature and IRAS compliance updates….

How do I receive the free download of the latest ABSS version with the list of detailed benefits?

Step 1

Fill up your company details, contact name and type “Free download” in the message field on our contact form on the right and submit the form so we can send you the link by email to download the trial of the latest ABSS software version.

Step 2

Please check your email as the softcopy installer will be emailed to you.

You just need click on our download link in your email and download the software trial for free immediately!

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