ABSS Tutorial

Course Description

“Our online training course is now available to promote government safe distancing measures”

ABSS Tutorial course(now known as ABSS training course designed for ABSS Accounting software) is a comprehensive learning course for users to learn from an MYOB Professional Partner the knowledge on the features and functions of an MYOB software.

The 16 Modules provide an extensive coverage of the syllabus from setting up all the way to managing user accounts. We will then impart to you on how to apply the knowledge you have learnt in the course to practical scenarios that you will encounter over the course of using the system.

The course is suitable for the beginner user as no accounting knowledge is required for this tutorial course.

We also do offer a complete software solution should your company require further post training services such as our MYOB Upgrade & MYOB Software technical support programme.

We will provide a FREE 113 PAGE simplified course notes user manual so your company can master the ABSS Accounting Software with ease.

ABSS Premier Course Structure:

Module 1:Setting up your company file

Module 2: Advanced Setup

Module 3: Banking & Cash Book

Module 4: Sales Ledger

Module 5: Purchases Ledger

Module 6: Inventory Management

Module 7: Billing for time

Module 8: Foreign Currency Transactions

Module 9: GST Reporting

Module 10: Transactions Management

Module 11: Reporting in ABSS Software

Module 12: Customisation Of Form Templates

Module 13. Contact management

Module 14. Budgets & Financial Control

Module 15. End of period procedures

Module 16. Managing user accounts and security settings

Module 17. Question & Answer

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