Million Accounting Software

Million Accounting Software is a suite of software which include accounting, invoicing, stock control and a separate payroll with the below features. Your company can choose the required modules below for your business needs which can be integrated. Million software is compliant to all windows operating systems and cater to both single and multi user licences.

Million Accounting Software runs on a Microsoft SQL Database which is the core for data storage, processing, and securing data. The SQL Database Engine comes equipped and ready to handle large transaction processing especially via multi user licenses to meet the requirements of the most demanding enterprises.


  • General ledger/debtors and creditors
  • Multiple Currency
  • Project Costing
  • Cash Book & Bank reconciliation
  • GST Compliant with IRAS.

The accounting module includes General ledger listing, trial balance, profit and loss, balance sheet, ageing reports, project reports and GST Form F5.


  • Integration to Million Accounting
  • Item/service invoice layout
  • Multiple Units Of measurement

The invoicing module includes printing quotation/sales order/delivery order/invoice, print credit/debit note, monthly, product and customer sales analysis.

Inventory(Stock Control)

  • Integration to Million Accounting
  • Real time update of stock quantity and items on hand
  • Multiple Location
  • FIFO/Average Cost/Fixed Cost Stock valuation methods.

The inventory control module includes stock card, stock balance, product sales analysis, customer sales analysis and location reports.


  • Monthly, daily and hourly pay rates
  • Overtimes calculation at ¬†1x , 1.5x, 2x, 3x
  • Annual and medical leave tracking
  • 17 allowances and 15 deduction are available for customization and generation of statutory forms CPF form 91 and IR8A.
  • SDL and FWL table for deductions.
  • E-submissiojn of IR8A and CPF and Bank Giro function.

The payroll module includes Pay summary for each employee, leave reports, yearly employee pay summary.

Support Services

To ensure that your company will fully utilise the million software its greatest potential, we offer a discounted price on our technical support service for million accounting, inventory and payroll software should your company require after the training is conducted.

We also have our support programme for customers using MYOB, Xero and Simplepay. This is to ensure that there will always be an option available for customer who require reliable after sales support from our company.


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