COVID19 ABSS Premier Remote Access

Work From Home and Stay Safe with ABSS Premier Remote Solution

ABSS Premier Multi User Package with remote access

Work from Home and allow your business run your finance operations seamlessly amid the COVID 19 pandemic. COVID19 ABSS Premier Remote Access allows all users to access your ABSS accounting software outside of office and to share other important data with each other such as PDF files, excel worksheets and other softcopy data, thus enhancing productivity during this trying period.

Free additional 4 months of remote access support or till end of COVID 19, whichever is earlier and inclusive of the below:

  1. ABSS Premier Multi User Licence
  2. Setting up of account codes and customisation
  3. Training Using remote software
  4. ABSS Connect Plan with support

Apply For PSG Grant for the above

Contact us for more information to apply for 50% subsidy off our package price under the productivity solutions grant, more details can be found on the SME portal regarding abss premier multi user with remote access.

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