E-Invoicing with InvoiceNow for Xero Accounting

What is the Invoice Now function under Xero Accounting software?

InvoiceNow is a government program and initiative for businesses to exchanges invoices with each other and using this mode of invoicing it reduces paper and in turn optimizes efficiency.

Xero Accounting Software is ready for E invoicing using InvoiceNow, both buyers and sellers have to use their respective accounting software to register their entity under the peppol network and will be allocated a peppol ID. Peppol ID serves as an identification point whereby both parties)buyer and seller) can send and receive e-invoices so long the corresponding party is registered under the e invoicing network.

How Xero Accounting Software sends and receives E invoices?

  1. The Vendor sends the E invoice to the Customer using customer company name and Peppol ID
  2. The Invoice is transmitted via the secure Peppol E invoicing Network via their accounting system
  3. Recipient receives the e-invoice via the Peppol E invoicing Network into their accounting system

Below are the benefits of using InvoiceNow via Xero accounting software

  1. Improve cash flow of the business as your customers will receive their invoices faster, enabling them to pay you faster, thus improving the cash flow of the business.
  2. Reducing administration time as invoices sent to your customers by Xero E invoicing will appear in their accounting software directly as compared to sending the invoice by PDF whereby your customer will have to open the PDF file and enter the invoice into their accounting software
  3. Greater accuracy in invoicing as the recipient of the invoice does not need to manually record the invoice into their accounting system, thus eliminating human error.

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