How to send over huge MYOB data files By We Transfer

How to send over huge MYOB data files By We Transfer

We Transfer is a program used by our technical support for MYOB users to transfer their MYOB data files over to us if required, it is used when the file is too huge to be sent over by traditional email systems.

Using we transfer you will be able to add file sizes of up to 2GB, which is more than sufficent for an MYOB data File.

Your MYOB Data File is normally your company name etc ABC Pte ltd followed by the .myo extension, this data file consists of your company transaction data and its size can vary according to the volume of transactions of your company.

It is only for complicated issues that we will require you to send us your data file so as to enable us to further analyse and troubleshoot your issue so as to resolve it as soon possible.

Below are the steps:

Step 1   Go to the website










Step 2   Click add files to upload your file.

Next click our email under ‘Email to’ to add the particular email that you are sending the file to.

After that add your email address and a short message to us.

Click transfer to begin sending the file to us.

Step 3  Wait for a reply from us.

We will inform you as soon as we receive your data file and our work begins. Be prepared to hear the good news from us as soon as possible.




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