Protect your Data against Ransomware








In May 2017, a Ransomware called Wannacry was spreading throughout the intenet, with the greatest damage being made in Europe. It hit an estimated 16 hospitals in the UK and around 70,000 devices across 74 countries.

Ransonware is an infectious, malicious software that encrypts the victims data or threatens to delete or expose it until a ransom is paid. These ransomware appear in the form of fake software updates or possibly spam email that is sent and opened by the unsuspecting user.

There is no guarantee that the victim will be able to access their files even if a ransom is paid.

It  is about time that businesses take safety precautions in protecting their valuable data. One option is to need to purchase a backup hardware application such as a Network Attached storage scheduled backup system so as to protect their computer systems in the event of an attack.

A cyber security professional or company can also be engaged to assess the IT security risks relating to the company and to propose a customised IT protection solution.

In our training courses such as our MYOB tutorial and our other courses, we will be providing greater guidance and bringing up points to take note on the most effective method to backup your software data, so your business will always be prepared in the event your data becomes corrupted or infected.

If you are an existing MYOB user and you suspect or your computer or server had been infected with the ransomware virus, you can contact our technical support, we will try our best to assist you.



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