MYOB Software Technical Support

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(Now known as ABSS software technical support)


What is our MYOB Software technical support programme?

MYOB Software technical support(Now known as ABSS software technical support) is our support specialization program managed by Andre Corporate that provides users with immediate assistance, technical advice and reference materials required to resolve their MYOB technical issues, regardless of complexity. This programme is targeted at all users who require dedicated assistance on their software operating system.

Which software and versions do we support in this programme?

We primarily support the below software:

(MYOB now known as ABSS software)

  1. MYOB Business Basics
  2. MYOB Accounting
  3. MYOB Premier
  4. MYOB Premier Plus
  5. MYOB Payroll
  6. Accountedge For Macbook

We have the appropriate software tools and expertise to handle all matters relating to the above mentioned software(s).

We understand our software users and are aware that there are many MYOB users in the market that are not on the latest versions of MYOB. As such, we also cater to this group of customers by supporting older versions that are no longer available in the market, especially those purchased before the year 2009.

What is the lead time required to provide support to our company?

We will provide an accurate diagnosis in order to resolve and get your system up and running as possible so that you are able to continue your business as per normal, therefore, we provide immediate support. However, depending on complexity of the issue, we may take a few minutes or a few hours to resolve your problem.

What are examples of technical issues that you have assisted companies to resolve?

Some of the issues that we have assisted companies resolve are data file corruption, data file server licence activation issues and other complicated issues, these also include accounting related technical matters.

There will also be occasions when your reports do not agree with the balance sheet for example, your GST report does not agree with your balance sheet balance. We provide the appropriate advice to get this sorted out for you.

We also provide other services such as all kinds of MYOB accounting software upgrade, additional user licences, additional database files and many other add on services.

If your company had previously attended our MYOB Tutorial, kindly let us know so we can offer you a discounted price for signing up our myob software technical support programme.

How do we get the required support if we choose to engage your company?

Do not hesitate to contact us by filling up your contact details and the nature of your problem, we look forward to hearing from you so we can resolve your problem and get you up and running.

Our consultants will get back to you as soon as possible, if not immediately.

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