How to resolve slow speed in MYOB Software

MYOB Accounting software multi user licence enables multiple users to access a company data file at any one point of time. This facilitates more efficient business operations as any user that updates records in the myob software, the myob data file will be synchronized among  all users and each will be able to view the identical data(subject to user rights restrictions).

A slow access of your MYOB will disrupt business operations, especially if your company is dependent on the system for printing invoices, delivery orders and other business documents.

However, very slow access for multi users can be resolved quite easily with the correct network set-up and handling of the MYOB database files.

Under what circumstances will you normally experience slow access in your MYOB software

  1. When you are using MYOB multi user licences and accessing over a shared network in your office
  2. Your MYOB data is corrupted and needs urgent repair
  3. Your data file size is too large and you had not done a year end closing for a few financial years, thus a few years data are compressed in that single database file
  4. When you are accessing MYOB over a unstable wireless network in the office.

What are some of the common error and termination codes that occur if we continue to run MYOB over a slow network

  1. Termination codes 1233 occurs when your company data file is corrupted
  2. Termination code 1203 indicated your data file crashing in network environment
  3. Error in office link processes
  4. Other forms of termination codes are mainly due to file corruption.
  5. Unable to perform online confirmation in MYOB is due to other reasons other than a slow network

How do we resolve slow speed of accessing MYOB software

The steps below are ranked in order of importance and priority

  1. Run the MYOB software using terminal server services
  2. Run your computer networks using cables instead of wireless network.
  3. Optimise your company data file
  4. Repair a corrupted or restore a workable MYOB data file to ensure optimum performance
  5. Use a high speed switch for your router.



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