MYOB Pricing

MYOB Pricing is now known as ABSS Accounting Software Products Singapore pricelist.

Prices are in singapore dollars (SGD), subject to change without prior notice. Prices are effective as of January 2021 inclusive of GST and before promotional discount.

All products being listed are for the latest version available.

   Product Name                                        Retail Price($)

ABSS Accounting                     599

ABSS Premier 1 user                1,250
ABSS Premier 3 user                2,050
Add 2 user                           972

ABSS Premier Plus 1 user           2,349
ABSS Premier Plus 3 user           3,159

ABSS Payroll                       1,269

ABSS Support and roll over           600

ABSS Premier 2 day training          600
ABSS Premier Plus 2 day training     750
ABSS Payroll 1 day training          350
ABSS Inventory 1/2 day training      200

Data File Repair                     203

Serial number removal                128

Replacement ABSS CD installer         80

Password reset and extraction        128

Additional 1 data files              190

Product Version upgrade cover & Product Family upgrade
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