Purchasing Functions Of Million Accounting Software

Purchase Order & Outstanding Purchase Order

The purchase order can be emailed to a supplier to request for delivery of products. This generated purchase order can be generated or copied from existing quotation, sales order, delivery order and invoice etc.

The purchase order can also be traced to individual goods received note so as to be able to monitor goods that have been received. Similarly, the outstanding purchase order function will enable the user to view the goods ordered from the supplier but had not yet been shipped.

Goods received note

The goods received note allows the user to pick records from an existing purchase order(s). This allows the user to monitor goods order and received by the suppliers, goods ordered and not received will fall under the outstanding purchase order.

Purchase Invoice

The purchase invoice will be recorded under the purchase invoice tab where the purchased items can be picked from the goods received note or an existing purchase order. There is a trace function to trace a recorded purchase invoice to the relevant goods received note and purchase order. Similarly, the payment or credit note made to this bill can be traced.

Purchase Return

Upon recording a purchase return, you will be required to select the product and allocate the quantity returned, also entering the serial number for items allocated with a serial number from the start. The purchase return document can be traced to documents linked to the bill or payment or credit notes made to this purchase return.

Usability Of above functions

Million Accounting software has a range of versatile purchasing functions mentioned above that will assist businesses in their purchasing and inventory management functions. Partial delivery of goods and services and inspection of goods received from suppliers are important functions required from today’s modern businesses.

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