Million payroll software

Million payroll software is developed for small medium businesses so as to enable them to meet comply with MOM in view of the new requirement that businesses are required to issue computerized payslips to their employees with effect from 1 April 2016.

The software supports payroll processing and leave management for unlimited number of employees. Its  is compliant with IRAS on the Auto inclusion scheme where employers are required to submit the employment income of their employees electronically.

Features and Reports

  • 3 types of pay rates- monthly, daily and hourly rated employees
  • Overtime calculation of 1 times, 1.5 times, 2 times or 3 times.
  • Leave management and tracking
  • Employee allowances, deductions, foreign worker levy and staff claims available
  • Generation of statutory forms such as form IR8A, IR8S, IR21 etc.
  • Supports CDAC, MBF, SINDA deductions
  • Leave and salary reports per department basis
  • Confidential level 1 ,2 and 3
  • And Many More!


  • Payroll processing and Computerized payslip
  • Giro payment by all the major banks in Singapore (UOB, OCBC, DBS, Maybank etc)
  • Electronic CPF submission online(E-submission)
  • Compliant with AIS (Auto Inclusion Scheme) for employment income
  • Automatic CPF, Skill development levy etc computation via software
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