Xero mobile apps to download on your mobile phone

Xero Verify

Xero verify is a security app to add a second layer of security to your xero account. It assists to prevent others from accessing your financial data and is somewhat similar to a one time pin. Xero verify is designed as the app that users login to xero using push notifications, users of this app are then able to use push notifications to authenticate yourself if you have an internet connection. If you don’t have internet access you can use a code generated by the app when you login to xero software.

Xero Accounting

The Xero accounting app is an amazing app that allows the company to allocate users to manage modules such as invoicing and quotations, bills and receipts. There is also a user dashboard where users can have an overview of the company performance such as bank balances, overdue and unpaid bills and invoices, profit for the month and total cash in and out for the current month.

Xero Projects

The Xero projects app provides the user an overview of the project such as project deadline, estimated project value, amount invoiced and uninvoiced. Users can also add a task, time, expense and create a new quote and invoice.

Xero Expenses

With Xero expenses, your employees claims processes will be paperless, no more hardcopy receipts will be required. Users will be allowed and able to submit their expense and mileage claims via the app. This is done by using their mobile device and taking a photo of the receipt for the claim and submitting it to high authority for approval.


Hubdoc allows the users to streamline document collection and data entry with its integration with Xero. Hubdoc supports a variety of document types such as invoice, statement, receipt etc. These documents can be in the form of JPG, PNG, PDF etc. Information from the document types will be extracted by Hubdoc and can be synchronised to Xero.

The above 5 mobile apps are applicable should the user intend to access xero accounting and it’s add on application on their mobile phone on the move. For other accounting software solutions such as ABSS Accounting software, users are able to access the mobile app RD client so as to view their transactions online.