Managing ABSS software data files in ABSS

What are abss software data files?

ABSS software data files are additional company databases added to a 12 digit serial number. For one single ABSS serial number you are able to purchase and add up to maximum of 100 data files.

Below are the recommendations on managing ABSS software data files in ABSS

Maintain an excel sheet to manage the ABSS data files

The purpose of an excel sheet is to manage the status of each data files and ensure all data files that are being purchased are accounted for.

You can create columns in your excel sheet with the following columns

1)Date of which the data file is activated

2) Name of Company

3) Data Files Balance

4) Quantity Records of purchased data files

Manage security settings to prevent misuse

Your company has to ensure that the 12 digit serial number that is being used to activate your company data file is not misused by unauthorized personnel.

Go to setup> preferences > security >User IDs> block the company information tab, this will prevent unauthorized users of the data file from misusing your 12 digit ABSS software serial number.

Taking Over and managing ABSS company data files for accountants

In the view point of an accounting firm, there are instances that customers engage accountants and these customers provide your firm access to their ABSS data files.

These files contain customers company records and transactions. In such instances, your accounting firm will need to take note of the below:

  1. The 12 digit serial number of the customer data file
  2. The software version of the customer

If the customer software version is lower that the version that your firm is currently on, the customer has to carry out a software upgrade or vice versa.

There are instances when the customer decides to transfer ownership of the data file to your firm. This is normally the case if your customer decides not to upgrade the software serial number to the latest version and if the customer decides to let your firm fully manage the outsourced accounting function. This software data transfer ownership will utilize 1 company database on your existing software and an authorization letter will be required to be signed by the customer.