Benefits of Andre Corporate ABSS Accounting Software and Xero Support

User of Remote Access Tools for Technical Support

We use remote tools to provide you a better support experience using teamviewer and wetransfer. We own the teamviewer licence, allowing us to provide uninterrupted support that you require. Teamviewer software allows our support department to provide support to your company without being on-site at your location, this allows faster response and troubleshooting to done in the shortest available time.

Wetransfer allows us to send you large documents and vice versa, these documents could be in the form of softcopy database files.

We offer all 3 modes of support namely, phone, email and remote access support as part of our maintenance support program.

Qualified support staff

Our support staff have more than 5 years of ABSS and MYOB and Xero hands on and technical experience. All of them have accounting background and are versed in accounting concepts. Be prepared for a friendly experience when you get in touch with us.

We are able to support all versions of your ABSS Accounting software with our in house software installer programs that we archive on our server.

Strong customer track record and Reference

Most of our customers are repeat recurring customers who have used are services more than 3 times. From our experience, the first time a customer deals with a supplier the customer is just trying them out, a second time repeat customer onwards is considered a satisfied customer and a true purchase.

Some of our customers include Science Centre, Real Estate Developer’s Association of Singapore and many other small and medium sized businesses. The mentioned customers have used our services for more than 5 years.

One of ABSS Top Partners

Andre Corporate is an ABSS gold partner and manages a large support clientele. Top partners are awarded based on their sales volume of ABSS Software.

Our competitive advantage over other ABSS partners is that we handles all ABSS product sales and services in house, all the way from sales, delivery and support with our competitive advantages mentioned above. Some other top partners in the market focus on only the sales of products and subcontract the rest of their services to other companies as they are unable to handle the large number of after sales support queries and do not have the support expertise which we have build up with years of experience.