Accounting Software using the Cloud Versus Terminal Server

Data Storage Location

Cloud storage stores your accounting data on the cloud and normally replicates the data in several locations online, cloud storage providers normally provide and implement multiple layers of security. This data online can be accessed 24/7 on any machine so long there is internet connectivity.

Terminal server storage stores your accounting data in the server which is located in your office, data Centre or your home. It will be up to the end user to implement the levels of security based on their existing needs. The levels of security can be in the form of anti virus software or firewalls.

Maintenance of Platform or Equipment

Cloud platform does not require any maintenance for the end user. However, security, stability and accessibility of the data hosted on the cloud is dependent on the cloud hosting provider and the stability of the internet connection.

Terminal server equipment maintenance costs is usually dependent on the specifications of the hardware being used and normally by default, warranty of the hardware is usually 2 to 3 years depending on the type of equipment. Further repairs of the equipment after the warranty date will be on a per item replacement basis.

Cloud accounting platforms normally service thousands of customers while terminal server equipment serves normally one exclusive customer/client.

Upfront Cost

Cloud accounting platforms do not require very high upfront costs. However, you are required to pay subscription monthly charges change yearly or after a few years depending on the cloud accounting software provider. Normally add on functionality such as multiple currencies and job tracking functions also result in higher monthly subscription cost.

Terminal server purchase comes which higher upfront costs which can cost a couple of thousand dollars. However terminal servers serve a variety of functions other than just running an accounting software such as ABSS Accounting software. For example running other applications such a image drawing or editing applications, file, photo and image storage.